Winterizing Your Car

With winter weather on the horizon, it's time to winterize your car! Be sure to address the following:
* Test your battery's power and make sure cable connections are not corroded
* Keep a road safety kit in your car including jumper cables, blanket, small shovel, flares, flashlight and charged cell phone or CB radio
* Check the tread on your tires
Replace worn windshield wipers and/or clean with rubbing alcohol to remove buildup of grease and grime
* Check your anti-freeze and water levels
* Maintain at least a half tank of fuel at all times
* Change your oil every 3000 miles
* Make sure your heating system is in good repair
* Check your lights to make sure they are all working
* Check your exhaust system for leaks
* Don't start your car in a closed garage
* Make sure ALL passengers are buckled up!

Additional tips:
* Prevent car doors from freezing shut with cooking spray on rubber seals
* Fog proof your windshield with a protective film of shaving cream (wipe off excess)
* Ice-proof windows with diluted vinegar spritzed on your windows at night
* De-ice your locks with liquid hand sanitizer
* Get unstuck from the snow by using your floor mats under the spinning tire

Stay safe this holiday season and all year long!

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