Safe Driving: How to Avoid Bicycle Dangers

The modern road is full of hazards. As much as you look to protect your vehicle, passengers and self, there are some other risks that are easier to overlook. Namely, you don’t want to cause harm to others. One of the most common ways for this to happen is collisions between cars and bicycles. It’s easy to think of them as pedestrians, but they have a legal place on the road, and generally speaking, accidents involving bikes are often the fault of motorists. These three tips can help you avert catastrophe.

Respect Their Rights
Bicycles are considered vehicles in every state, so they always have the right to occupy a lane. While it often feels frustrating to drive slowly behind them, this is the best way for them to avoid your blind spots and prevent an accident. Respect their space and pass them as you would any other vehicle to deter perfectly avoidable collisions.

Be Wary of Intersections
A majority of accidents involving bicycles occur at intersections. When they aren’t given a lane of travel, the bikes easily drift out of view and motorists may turn into their path, causing a collision. When you are at intersections, be extra wary of bikes to dodge trouble. This tip is useful to protect bicycles and motorcycles alike.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Bicycles are at their most inconspicuous at night. While you hope a rider will make use of reflectors and bright colors to make them easier to spot, this will not always be the case. Even when it is, it will be hard to see a cyclist who is not directly under your head lamps. Keep an extra sharp eye for the telltale signs of bicycles: reflectors, small lights and reflective clothing. Doing so is sure to protect you and the cyclists.

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